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Learn how to check VPN connection status on your Windows system from command prompt. Netsh command is used to find connection status of different networks, including the VPN. Run the below command to find the VPN status. c:\>netsh interface show interface. An example run on my Windows 7 computer when I am connected to VPN. VPN Tests and Checks (How to See if Your VPN is Working) Check to see if the IP address of your ISP is listed. If so, you have a DNS leak and your VPN is leaking DNS requests. To easily check your VPN for DNS leaks, first connect to a VPN server outside of your country. Then, if you see IP addresses in your country, and … Detect VPN Connection State with PowerShell

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Check VPN connection status command line

Jul 03, 2018

nmcli con status id your-vpn-connection-name If your VPN connection is connected, you will see the connection information but if your VPN connection is disconnected, you will see something like this: Error: 'your-vpn-connection-name' is not an active connection. c# - How can I know whether a VPN connection is Check out this code to maintain VPN connection programmatically. In the TestConnection function (called every 15 seconds), a ping request is sent to an IP address to check if the connection is alive. How to know Site to Site VPN up or Down - Cisco Community