Apr 24, 2020

How to Adjust iPhone Settings - dummies Tap Settings to display iPhone’s list of settings, and then scroll up and down the list and tap on one you want to change. From the first Settings screen, you tap into a … iPhone Basics: Security and General Settings Settings control everything from the way your iPhone works to the data it shares with apps and other devices. You can open Settings by tapping the icon on your Home screen. Settings gives you easy access to many different things, including settings for your notifications and privacy.

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Configure email on your Apple iPhone - AT&T Email Support On your iPhone home screen, select Settings.

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How to reset and restore your iPhone's settings, network May 14, 2020 8 settings every iPhone owner should change right now - CNET With a couple of taps on your iPhone's screen you can adjust the font size to make it easier for you to read. Open the Settings app and go to Display & Brightness > Text Size and use the slider Setting Up a New iPhone - dummies