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Jun 20, 2011 · Click the Disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP radio button. Now you know how to completely disable NetBIOS, or to “suspend” it from the Advanced TCP/IP settings. I would go for the latter, since most likely somebody will call either you or the sys admins telling that there is an app that needs that particular “protocol“. I hope this helps. Best Dec 04, 2017 · NetBIOS over TCP/IP or NBT-NS (UDP/137,138;TCP/139) is a broadcast protocol being a predecessor of LLMNR and used in the local network to publish and search for resources. By default, NetBIOS over TCP/IP support is enabled for all interfaces in all Windows versions. A WINS server, whether it's a Linux computer running Samba or a Windows server, must listen for name broadcasts, maintain a mapping of IP addresses to NetBIOS names, and answer queries about these mappings from clients. May 11, 2011 · The variable USERDOMAIN displays the NetBIOS domain name. From Computer Properties: The following steps, from Understanding Disjoint Namespace Scenarios: Exchange 2010 SP1 Help, explain how to view the DNS host name, primary DNS suffix, DNS domain name, NetBIOS name, and NetBIOS domain name of a computer running Windows Server 2008. Sep 07, 2017 · NetBIOS is a service which allows communication between applications such as a printer or other computer in Ethernet or token ring network via NetBIOS name. NetBIOS name is 16 digits long character assign to a computer in the workgroup by WINS for name resolution of an IP address into NETBIOS name. Solution: To disable "NetBios over TCP/IP" on all interfaces run, login into your Windows 2012 R2 core server and enter the following: wmic /interactive:off nicconfig where TcpipNetbiosOptions=0 call SetTcpipNetbios 2. This will find NICs which have set the "Use NetBIOS setting from the DHCP server" (=0) and will disable that (=2). The 2nd one workgroup. The workgroup parameter sets the current workgroup where the Samba server will advertise itself. Clients that wish to access shares on the Samba server should be on the same NetBIOS workgroup.

Nov 16, 2018 · What is NetBIOS you ask? In a nutshell, NetBIOS is a traditional Microsoft protocol, still in use by some of its underlying network technologies. In other words, NetBIOS allows you to call your computers by name (it even works when you don't have or need a Domain Name Server!). NetBIOS provides three distinct services: Name Services (utilizing UDP or TCP port 137) allows for name registration and resolution. Datagram Services (utilizing UDP port 138) is for connectionless communication over a network, such as error reporting. Session Services (utilizing TCP port 139) lets NBNS is a server responsible for maintaining a list of mappings between NetBIOS computer names and network addresses for a network that uses NetBIOS as its naming service. A computer registers itself with the NetBIOS name server upon startup by providing the name server with its computer name and network address.

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I have a pfSense applicance running version 2.x. I want to disable NetBios over TCP/IP via the DHCP Server so it is not activated on Windows clients. It's possible to do it with a Windows server but I Lesson Configuring NetBIOS Name Resolution - Network Sep 11, 2019