mysql - LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE causes Malformed packet

Yeah, just got it a couple minutes ago. At first, it seemed like a usual disconnect(of which I've been getting a lot lately), and then I tried to log back in didn't work. Wireshark: Re: malformed packet (exception occurred) i am seeing errors, malformed mysql malformed packet (exception occurred). does this mean the exception occurred in the mysql packet dissector ? how might i drill down to get to the bottom of this error? tia, jackc -- Jack Craig Software Engineer 831.461.7100 x120 Defense Against Malformed Packet Attacks - S2750, S5700 A malformed packet attack occurs when malformed IP packets are sent to a target system, causing the system to work abnormally or break down. With the capability of defending against such attacks, a device can detect and discard malformed packets in real time. Malformed packet … Malformed | Definition of Malformed at

Feb 16, 2008

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cisco - Mitigating a IPv6 malformed packet multicast flood

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