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Partial Solution 1: Local Web Server. A more polished, mature and expensive! version of this is available commercially as VideoCache.. by JoshuaOSullivan. With some luck and dodgy coding, I have managed to get youtube caching working.

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Oct 06, 2015 is Pakistani website, and it servers are located in us, it can be used to open all the blocked site, it is specially designed to open YouTube but you can also used it to open other site, it is glype proxy. Another web based Pakistani … Unblock easily with Turbohide Proxy server ~ Best Free is proxy website created back in 2007 and working still, providing free access to blocked sites easily through its network, using Turbohide web proxy server is easy and fast, the proxy servers are located in United states, while your browse through this proxy you are anonymous and safe, no one can track your online activity How To Use YouTube Proxies & Reasons For A YouTube Proxy With the help of a proxy, you’ll no longer be beholden to laws set by governments or usage rights made by distribution companies you’ve never even heard of. I’ll take you through what a proxy is, how it works, and introduce you to the very best YouTube proxy available. Get ready to watch those SFX makeup tutorials on a loop. Table of Contents Unblock access through Hidebux ~ Best Free Proxy Site